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Shape responsibly

Grow your reputation or brand in your audience by approving the best submissions.

Source unlimited

Create an unlimited and free
sourcing channel for a topic
you care about.


Enable people

Endorse collaborators from the community by publishing their submissions.


Spread virally

If new submissions spread, your Stream gets access to new follower's feeds (like a Retweet).


Custom structure

Create any structure for your Stream in Google Sheets or Airtable and copy it in seconds onto our site.


Take ownership

Curating content gets you stakes in our company. Half of our cap table is reserved for our curators.

Get your Curator Pass

By inviting selected curators only we can promise our users the best quality of each Stream.

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Types of Streams

Learn 📚

Courses, Tutorials, Best Practices, Ideas, Books, Presentations, Papers ...

Resources  🖇

Lists, Spreadsheets, Templates, Repositories, Data Sets, Links, API's, Freebies...

News  🗞

Newsletter, Blog Posts, Podcasts, Digests, Aggregation, Curation ...

Meet  🗓

AMA's, Webinars, Live Streams, Online Meetups, Conferences ...

People & Jobs  💼

Job Boards, Freelancer Lists, Investors, Journalists, Micro Jobs, Volunteers...

Comps & Comms  🏢

Communities, Companies, Agencies, Co-working, Co-Living, Pitches, Demo's...

Best Practices for Streams

💎  Curate what's relevant for you.

👩👱  If you can think of 5 people who would subscribe your Stream, it's probably relevant.

🌎  Curate information which is spread over many places and benefits from being centralised.

⌚️  Subscribers will love it if the Stream gets frequently updated.

💡  If you curate fair, collaborators will come to submit to your Stream.

📰  Collaborators benefit from being endorsed by you.

🎓  Use the community submissions to learn, to keep track and for sourcing.

✌️  If you have a good reputation in your Streams topic cluster, that helps a lot.

🙏  Try to solve a problem for s specific community with your Stream.

PS. We're not expecting you to follow all of them